• Stimerex Fat Burners – Helps with Snacking and Portion Control

    I was reluctant, as I heard bad things about Stimerex-ES and wasn’t sure, but I am happy to say it’s worked for me! After 3 weeks, I’m down 15lbs! I’ve never lost weight so quick before, so this is amazing. It’s taken my cravings away, so now I can eat portion sizes right for my size, which was what caused my weight gain. I have so much energy now, more than in months. Side effects: weight loss, tons of energy, no crash or fatigue. If you haven’t tried Stimerex-ES yet, you should! What do you have to lose except the weight. Awesome product. Thanks

  • Stimerex-ES Works Fast – Extreme Diet Aid

    I had just turned 21 and was drinking like a fish…I fell in love with all the fruity drinks. Before you know it, I went from a size 2 to a size 8 in about 10 months. Gained about 28lbs, very depressing. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change fast. I went into a local nutrition shop in Texas and they had told me to take Stimerex-ES with Ephedra and that this product was their best selling fat burner on the market. I took 2 tablets a day, split the dosage into morning and early evening and hit the gym. Within the first month I had lost 7 lbs! It was like melting off me. At this rate I will have melted the fat off in about 4 months. Stimerex-ES Works!

  • Stimerex-ES Weight Loss – Gives You a Kick Start

    I got my dream job, but with long hours and traveling, my diet got worse and worse. I was eating out all the time, on the road and with clients. I felt unprofessional and fat, and didn’t project the image I wanted, so I went searching for a weight loss product and found Stimerex-ES with Ephedra. I have to be smart, eating out is necessary for my job but now I make good choices and ask about cooking methods and change ingredients, sauces on the side etc. I joined a gym and have a routine to do every day when I’m away from home. Down 18lbs in the first 2 months, Stimerex-ES is working great so far. My goal weight loss is to lose 40lbs and I’am half way to my goal. I have tons of energy and seem to be in a better mood. A+++ for Stimerex-ES.

  • Stimerex-ES Diet Pills – Highly Recommend!

    I had 2 kids back to back and never lost the baby weight, then I ballooned to 225lbs! I’m a small girl – 5’1, so this was horrible to be so big. I tried it all, no success. I had terrible cravings for sugar and lots of stress in my life due to personal issues. I’ve lost 10lbs this month, I have never lost that much in 30 days no matter what I tried. I have little appetite with this, but cravings do come back. No dry mouth but I drink a lot more water. No issues with falling a sleep. Best product I have ever tried.

  • Stimerex-ES – Very Happy with this Product

    I lost about 22 pounds! Using Stimerex-ES and doing exercise and eating responsibly, you will lose the weight and keep it off. I am very happy and the shipping was super fast! Glad I found Stimerex-ES, I feel so much better about myself. I am 52 and it was hard to keep the weight off until I found Stimerex-ES. I will be a lifetime customer and would highly recommend this product.

  • Stimerex-ES works like Magic – I’m Under my Pre-Baby Weight!

    I needed to lose the baby weight after 6 months of trying on my own. I never had a weight problem before but just couldn’t shift it no matter what I did. NutraSource recommended me Stimerex-ES with Ephedra in the 100 count bottle and like magic the weight started to melt off. I drink a lot of water all day long, prioritize time for me to exercise 3 times a week, eat more or less the same but smaller portions and try to eat more veggies and fruit and less processed foods, and no soda. I am coming to the end of my 3 month supply and I am down 32lbs, even less than my pre-baby weight!! I will recommend Stimerex-ES to all my friends and family.

  • Stimerex-ES – Good Motivation and Energy.

    I used to work in a physical job but then switched to an office job after a back injury and got into the bad habit of sitting all day, eating out of habit and then going home to sit in front of the TV. I got close to 300lbs so I started to take Stimerex with Ephedra 3 months ago. The sales rep at NutraSource said I could be on it for another 3 months as long as I keep losing weight. So far I’m down 45lbs, and that’s with strict portion control and working out three times a week. No side effects after the initial week with some insomnia but now nothing. Awesome product Stimerex-ES Rocks!!!

  • Stimerex-ES – Love this!

    It controls my appetite and since I have heart issues I didn’t feel jittery or heart palpitations! It works all the way, not just for a few weeks. 9 lbs the first 2 weeks. Love it. Never stop selling Stimerex… Thank you NutraSource!

  • Thanks Stimerex-ES – Stimerex-ES with Ephedra Works!!

    I absolutely love Stimerex-es with ephedra! It gives me the energy needed to exercise, and it also suppresses my appetite. I started at 158 pounds and I’m down to 132. No side effects. I changed my diet by eating healthier and cutting out sodas and junk food. Stimerex-es works wonders!

  • Stimerex-ES Works Great!

    I was always a big guy but the last couple years my weight got out of control after I stopped working physical jobs and started driving long distance full time. I would snack the whole time out of boredom and always ate fast food away from home. This makes it easier to not think about food, and I try to make healthier choices when I’m on the road, which is not easy but I am eating about half the amount of what I used to. I dropped close to 25lbs this month and hoping to stay on this long enough to drop about 80lbs to get to around 220.


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