The short answer is, yes. Stimerex-ES is a non-prescription weight-loss supplement and stimulant that, when used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet, will fire up your metabolism and attack those pesky fat cells while providing the energy needed to get through a long day or sustained activity.

Thousands of people have lost weight using Stimerex-ES. The time release profile helps you with appetite control, and it increases energy and produces mood-boosting effects. Users also report that taking Stimerex-ES before working out helps them achieve fitness goals quicker and find it gives them extra energy to have more intense and longer workouts.

All this results in calories burned. And, the more calories you burn, the more fat you can lose, granted you are not taking in more calories than you burn.

The stimulating ingredients in Stimerex-ES cause your adrenaline output to increase. When this occurs, blood circulation increases, as does your carbohydrate metabolic rate. With more oxygen delivered to your brain and muscles, the greater the opportunity for increased mental acuity, and your muscles are better prepared for exertion.

This supplement’s ingredients include a green tea extract, 25mg of an ephedra extract, and an acacia rigidula extract that all work to speed up the body’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), your body’s resting energy expenditure rate. Imagine burning more calories while at rest.

Of course, if you are using any supplement to help with weight loss you must use it as part of an holistic weight loss plan, that is one which incorporates regular exercise and healthy eating. That said, Stimerex-ES is one pill that will help you achieve your weight loss goals a little easier and much quicker than other weight loss diet pills.

As with any supplement, check with your physician before use and especially if you have other medical conditions or are taking prescription medication.